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Building Good Credit: A Basic Guide for Young Professionals

Updated: May 6, 2021

Keeping a favorable credit record is important as a young professional. If you maintain your excellent credit score, you can easily acquire reduced interest rates, more useful credit card benefits, better mortgage offers, and other opportunities to build your financial future. However, you may have no idea where to start, especially if you are just beginning to get your career and personal life together. Thus, for your further guidance, consider the following tips to guide your upcoming plans to be more fiscally responsible:

Pay your rent and utilities right away

Your bills are the most important thing to pay when you start earning as a young adult. It builds up your credit score because it shows people that you put expenses first over cheap thrills and fad purchases. It also ensures that you can keep up with your daily living costs to sustain yourself as you chase after your career, real estate plans, family planning, and other related arrangements.

You may also want to consider paying off your debt, especially if you owe money to your landlord, utility provider, and other essential payments. It allows you to slowly but surely get out of meeting financial obligations towards savings more for emergencies. And eventually, you will have enough purchasing power to go after your dreams.

Acquire the best credit card for your needs

As a young professional, you may think that cash alone is what you need to buy things and keep yourself living comfortably. While having some savings can be nice, you also need financing mechanisms for your immediate and long-term payments. Because of this, you need to have a credit card, preferably one that best suits your lifestyle and living situation. Just ensure you do your research, talk to the right people, and take action.

For instance, you should go for store credit cards because of their most-forgiving interest rates and criteria for budding professionals like you that still need to build up your credit. These cards are far better than retail credit cards because they are often stricter with their offers and selective when they want to honor clients’ low-interest rates. Whichever you choose, just ensure you compare credit card packages and are prepared to take on the responsibility.

Get your first personal loan

As the famous saying goes, “You need money to make money.” In other words, you cannot simply rely on your current buying capabilities and assets, especially when they aren’t enough.

You can miss out on cost-effective purchases, like a valuable car, house, and other essentials. You may even be looking for career-building opportunities, like online courses and more effective office productivity tools, to build a strong foundation in your profession. As such, consider acquiring a personal loan. You can get the money you need easily and work towards an excellent credit score. Just find the appropriate interest rate and monthly payment based on your financial stability.


Venturing into the corporate world as a young professional can be challenging, especially when you take on the many money-related pressures. You may even feel alone at times to handle these ordeals. Fortunately, you now have a solid understanding of the basics, thanks to the tips mentioned above. Just make certain that you also seek help from the right experts to help you build your good credit score.

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